Judith Mundwiler

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Artist Information for Judith Mundwiler

Judith Mundwiler is an artist who has been increasingly focusing on working with paper and textile technics as the core of her creative work. For years she has been experimenting with a wide variety of old, new, used and collected paper. She does not produce the paper herself but uses the stories that are inherent in the paper in order to shape her art and formulate her thoughts on existential questions about herself and the world. She has been one of the first artists to use old tea bags, pages from books, candy wrappings, invoices, letters, architecture journals and parking tickets in a very sophisticated fashion. Last year she started a series of artworks using these parking tickets raising critical questions about human interaction with the environment but also invoking the beauty of the sky and the sea by covering the paper with color. Additionally, the used parking tickets tell stories as each ticket was used by someone heading for some place leaving behind the car in the carpark.
A look at the artworks quickly reveals that the artist manages to link different levels of meaning in a very sensitive way.

Apart from this, there is one more aspect that strikes the eye. The artworks presented are characterized by an interesting lightness and flexibility that allows for the artworks to take up more space then only walls. They are foldable and can be arranged as installations in various ways. The artworks point towards the future by subtly adverting to mobile and flexible ways of living.

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Into the Ocean Deep

Into the Ocean Deep177cm x 95cm   Photo by Judith Mundwiler

In this second work, the view continues like a zoom down into the deep sea, where absolute darkness prevails .. Down there you will find incredible marine animals that illuminate their surroundings with their bioluminescence.

The material to work are parking tickets, which I collected from the city of Rheinfelden. Every parking ticket contains a story: Why was this person traveling by car and parked in this car park? The parking ticket as a symbol of our mobility, which ultimately leads back to this light pollution.

From the Dark Sky

From the Dark Sky177cm x 95cm   Photo by Judith Mundwiler

My work "From the dark sky to the earth ... .into the deep ocean" belongs to a new series.

The problem of light pollution on our planet due to artificial light sources is steadily increasing. Street lighting, neon signs, industrial plants and traffic light up the night sky. Light pollution affects ecosystems. Oceans, soils or airspaces are no longer habitable for many species.

This first work shows the view from space on our planet.


GREEN!169cm x105cm   Photo by Dave Spinnler

GREEN!  It's just playing with colors in the series with used parking tickets.


Pink!169cm x105cm   Photo by Dave Spinnler

PINK! It's just playing with colors in the series with used parking tickets.

They Are Still There?

They Are Still There?90cm x105cm   Photo by Judith Mundwiler

In combination with the butterfly illustrations from an old natural history book as well as thoughts on the disappearance of these beauties in the present time a homage to these very special wonders arose.