Marianne R. Williamson

3745 North Woodridge Road
Mountain Brook, AL


Artist Information for Marianne R. Williamson

My work has changed over time. I would like the viewer to have more information about a piece. The sense of the heat of a summer day, the sound of rustling grass, the smell of an autumn day with leaves and the dust of an apple orchard ripe and ready for harvesting.
Tornado, shows the power of wind that destroys everything in it's path. It is the strongest force of nature and the colors needed to be bold and to show the rotation of the wind.

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Hillside56" x 39"   Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Hillside is traveling with "Connecting our Natural Worlds", The juried exhibit that Opens at the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum in Tucson in October 2019.

Apple Orchard

Apple Orchard43" x 39"   Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Early fall colors are starting to change and fade. The sky is not as bright, the grass is turning brown, but the apple trees are bursting with fruit that is ready to pick. 


Toronado49" x 58"   Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Forces of nature, when a cyclone hits, rip everything apart. The winds are so strong that nothing can stand in it's way. 

It will travel with the SAQA juried show "Aloft".

Summer Heat II

Summer Heat II72" x 27"   Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Summer Heat 2 is the sound of rustling grasses on a hot summer day. It is the feeling of the hot air that makes the long grass sway in the breeze, but doesn't cool anything.

Prayers Going to Heaven

Prayers Going to Heaven54" x 63"   Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Prayers Going to Heaven is part of Quilt National 2019, which Opened at the Dairy Barn in Athens Ohio in May 2019.