Marianne R. Williamson

Mountain Brook, AL


Artist Information for Marianne R. Williamson

Light and motion have led me into different directions. Now I am making my art feel like sound. Example: Crashing Waves,Sound of Silence,Blue Cascade.

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Sounds of Silence

Sounds of Silence37" x 61"   Photo by Gregory Case Photography

Silence, can be deafening. Under water, if you listen carefully, bubbles burst, water swirls, and life floats by. It may sound like a void of noise, but it isn't.

Crashing Waves

Crashing Waves30" x 41"   Photo by Gregory Case Photography

I took this picture of waves crashing over rocks that protected the coastline, when I visited St. Kitts VI. The noise was deafening. 

Blue Cascade

Blue Cascade35" X 43"   Photo by Gregory Case Photography

There are so many different blues in nature. From light blue of the mist over the cascade, to a dark purple blue. The cascade rushes by and falls over the rocks with a loud crash.