Judith Larzelere

Westerly, RI US



Artist Information for Judith Larzelere

The year 2014 was a critical year in the development of my work. After 33 years of using the tools of color theory and intensely saturated colors, I am embarked on an exploration of translucency and delicate, ephemeral hints of tone.

It began with a pair of white on white wall hangings. The front surfaces were built up from off-the-bolt undyed cotton, bamboo and silk yardage which was strip pieced and strip quilted.  The back sides were geometric patchwork of pale commercial batiks. I was holding one quilt and about to move it to a table when light from a window happened to pass through it letting the pentimento of the back show through the front. Guided by the “aha” moment, I have created a new body of work.

Using matte broadcloths and glossy satins over the layer of patchwork, which is now just below the surface and not on the back, I am strip quilting bands of strip pieced fabrics. This creates an ever shifting work of art. A photo cannot communicate the experience of seeing these works as they change  depending on the viewer’s perspective and the lighting of the room.

These are my most mature and refined works to date. They are evocative, sensual yet austere, sumptuous yet understated. With them I feel a whole new surge of creative imagination and energy.

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Bits on White

Bits on White60"h x 58"w    Photo by Marty Doyle

Translucency and Kaleidoscope

Translucency and Kaleidoscope58"h x 60"w   Photo by Marty Doyle

Translucent Volunteer

Translucent Volunteer 50"h x46"w   Photo by Marty Doyle

What`s White

What`s White55"h x53"w   Photo by Marty Doyle

Black and Blue

Black and Blue54"h x 55"w    Photo by Marty Doyle