Regina Marzlin

Antigonish, NS CA


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Unfolding Story

Unfolding Story18" x 20"  

Layers of hidden meaning, stories that are told and retold, the fabric of our lives.


Ascending20" x 24"  

Going upwards is sometimes the only way to go.

Pull of the Moon

Pull of the Moon22" x 21"  

The light and gravitational pull of the moon do have real effects on earth's creatures and geological features such as bodies of water. Humans throughout history have been fascinated by the moon and its phases. Consequently, the lunar effect has always been a popular theme in literature, visual art, music, and mythology. Moon's mysterious allure persists.

Night and Day

Night and Day21" x 20"  

We try to keep order to our days, and calm to our nights, but sometimes life gets in the way and chaos reigns. We take it in stride and go on, day after day.

A Rare Bird

A Rare Bird12" x 12"  

Playing, drawing and a bird emerges that wants to be seen...