Artist Information for Fenella Davies

My pieces are designed to give a sense of place & mood, paring down to a simple design element - the relationship of form & colour. The work concerns past lives, traces of those in our personal & global history. The beauty of what remains. Implications of the past are a recurring theme. Venice, Italy has been one of my main interests - the deteriorating palaces, hidden traces of history. reflections of water. The sea, storms and weather have also been a recurring theme. I collage, paint, distress, use antique fabrics, all of which contribute to my connection with the past.

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Bridge of Sighs

Bridge of Sighs100 x 124 cms  

The Bridge of Sighs, Venice, Italy. Cotton, scrim, card, flashing lutrador

seam/stress - bloodline

seam/stress - bloodline20 x 20 cms  

A 3-dimensional piece - using antique lace and thread - the unknown seamstresses of the past.


Explosion170 x 104 cms  

Violent explosion of paint - of life - intentional - accidental - the choice is in the eye of the beholder.

seam/stress - bloodline

seam/stress - bloodline100 x 125 cms  

Cotton, gesso, antique lace, flashing, scrim. Dedicated to the anonymous seamstresses in history.