Frieda Anderson

1995 Murcer Lane
Elgin, IL
60123 US


Artist Information for Frieda Anderson

I work with bold color and line. I use my own hand dyed cotton, silks and blend fabrics to create imagery that is important to me as an artist. My design inspiration comes from nature.

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Whispering Pines

Whispering Pines29" x 36"  

Dancing Trees

Dancing Trees30" x 25"  

Spring Trees

Spring Trees36" x 30"  

I am constantly attracted to trees and leaves and their abstract forms.

Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves20" x 30"  

Leaf forms are a constant inspiration to me.

Green Leaf

Green Leaf70" x 65"  

Color gradations are fascinating to me. I try to use them often in my work. The leaves in this piece gradate from dark green to light green and the veins in the leaves gradate from light aqua to dark aqua.