Pat Bishop

W4929 Bartelt Blvd
Shawano, WI
54166 US


Artist Information for Pat Bishop

I work intuitively with inspiration that is nature based and often
from my photos. I value simplicity and use it with abstraction
which gives me the freedom to manipulate the composition to
express what I find interesting.

My artwork is an attempt to express my appreciation of nature or
my subject.  I am a private person with a quiet demeanor but feel
comfortable expressing my emotions through my artwork.  The
colors I use are clear and strong with texture being an important
part of my work using different weaves and sources of textiles.   

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Three of a Kind

Three of a Kind30"H x 33"W  

Three of a Kind is an organic piece made from varied textures and textiles. My appreciation of nature is expressed in my art through the shapes and colors of nature. Made with discarded silk and linen clothing, damask table linens, velveteen, hand dyed and commercial fabrics.


Sprouts38"H x 34"W  

Sprouts is an organic piece that grew out of the fabrics it is made from. Varied textures of silk, linen, batiks, hand dyed and commercial textiles.  

Cedar Swamp #5

Cedar Swamp #548"H x 36"W  

Cedar Swamp was based on the photograph by my cousin, Mary Kay Baum of property owned by our grandparents that is still in the family and owned by Mary Kay's brother and sister. The cedars spoke to me in her photo.

Walk of the Cranes

Walk of the Cranes30" H x 40" W  

Inspired by a photo taken at my parents cottage. The Crane family would often be seen during their early morning foraging walks across the grassy yard near the lake. In the 1800s the sandhill crane population was in serious decline. In 1916 the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act was signed, protecting these birds.

Crop Circles

Crop Circles24"H x 48"W  

Crop Circles was inspired by a photo I took in rural Wisconsin on a quiet winding road that we often travel. The huge bales of hay sitting peacefully at the edge of the field, waiting contentedly, resting after their growing is over until they are consumed and give life to another link in the chain of life.