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I believe that harnessing passions in the making of art increase artistic power in the resulting piece. In my case, I am very conscious and informed by the landscape surrounding me. I truly love the raw rugged landscapes and immense skies of West Texas, which invoke a mystic response. I have always been fascinated by silhouettes. My art is narrative and I see this area of Texas as populated with a cast of Biblical as well as iconic western figures. Animals (rabbits, bison, wolves and the occasional roadrunner) also have their roles to play. In my work, these characters wander freely across the skies as constellations or prowl the land pursuing their livings on earth. They play important roles in my artist's vocabulary - as do red pick-ups, vignettes of small towns with grain elevators and highway overpasses - to name a few.

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Nightfall on El Capitan

Nightfall on El Capitan 44" x 35"  

The mighty El Capitan in the Guadalupe mountains of Far West Texas is not the highest mountain in the state, but it is so dramatic that it has become an icon of the whole state. In a way, El Capitan is a geological history of the land because it was formed by layer after layer of sediment deposited in an ancient sea - then thrust upward by tectonic activity for all to see. This quilt is a departure for me in that while the landscape of West Texas is always present in my art, it has not been the main subject. It was a challenge to infuse such a well-known landmark with my personal feelings in order to make it my own - more than just a picture postcard. Layered on to the bottom quarter of the quilt is the painted applique with present day life of the area - including my alter ego - the Jackrabbit. 

West Toward Home - Morning Coffe on the Llano

West Toward Home - Morning Coffe on the Llano 46" x 30"  

In this quilt, my intent is to depict the magical moment that occurs when one savors the lovely calm of a new dawn while anticipating the delicious rush of energy with the first sip of coffee. I look forward to this moment of time - this respite - before I plunge into the day's activities. 

Silver Roses Falling on the Llano

Silver Roses Falling on the Llano 46" x39"  

The silhouetted figure, which represents all quilters who love to work late at night, is actually a self portrait. The landscape, skies, and vignettes of small towns form part of my inspirations. All West Texans yearn for the blessing of rain - which is represented by the silver roses falling from the heavens. Those roses are also an ancient symbol of the Virgin Mary; their silver color is in honor of SAQA's 25th anniversary - so they are multi-purpose symbols. 

West Toward Home - Bright Spirit

West Toward Home - Bright Spirit 39" x 34 "  

The enduring power and beauty of my homeland is represented by the angel. The deserted wooden building is typical of many small towns in this area which once harbored human life, but now stand empty and decaying - victims to the unrelenting sun and wind. The watchful and cautious Jackrabit, an icon of West Texas, is my alter ego. 

Moonrise in a West Texas Canyon

Moonrise in a West Texas Canyon 40" x 30 "  

This quilt, depicting a dramatic chimney rock was truly a labor of love because it is in my favorite place on our planet - Caprock Canyons State Park. Besides being incredibly beautiful, it is also home to the last descendants of the Goonight herd of southern bison - most of which were slaughtered in the last part of the 19th century. I am particularly enchanted by the wonderful colors - rust, burgundy, ochre, pale coral and countless shades of olive. The sky is an incredibly clear deep blue/turquoise. There is even a creek - with WATER - rare in such a dry landscape. The buffalo looking out at us with red eyes seems a bit hostile - as if he know about the slaughter of his ancestors, and senses that his wonderful environment may be in danger.