Hilde Morin



Artist Information for Hilde Morin

Drama and flow is what I like to represent in my fiber work. I find inspiration in both, natural and in architectural scenes, having a particular interest in weathered structures and formations. I enjoy extremes, neutral and vivid colors, clean and cluttered lines, chaotic and planned compositions.

In my natural scenes I represent reality by simplifying or suggesting it through either abstract or primitive designs and through the use of curved piecing techniques. In my cities and villages I strive to portray the energy of the place through the use strong compositions.

My approach includes the creation of a first layer of improvised pieced fabric with the addition of a second layer of texture through extensive thread work and surface design. My work is influenced by travels, nature walks and by my multi-cultural background.

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Between Light and Shadow

Between Light and Shadow53"w x 30"h  

Watching the Water Fall

Watching the Water Fall26"w x 39"h  

Mutual Attraction

Mutual Attraction23"w x 40"h  

El Cerro (The Hill)

El Cerro (The Hill)51"w x 42"h  

Malecón (Seawall)

Malecón (Seawall)60"w x 47"h