Deidre Adams

Littleton, CO US


Artist Information for Deidre Adams

In my mixed media textile work, I create abstract compositions with a concern for interesting divisions of space. Although abstract in design, I often use elements evocative of structure, with vertical and horizontal divisions reminiscent of windows and doorways, or with strong horizon lines that reflect the idea of landscape.

My work is primarily about texture and color, using the concepts of time and external forces as a creative starting point. I use the textile medium of fabric and stitch to impart a unique texture, both visual and literal, to my work. I want the work to carry a physical reminder of the artist’s presence, a visual diary of sorts. Patterning and design from the base fabrics interact with the stitching and my own system of painting and mark-making to create a richly layered surface.

Inspiration comes from things undergoing change: the side of an old building whose surface has been painted over many times, with the top layers wearing away to reveal what lies beneath; a painted iron pipe exposed to salt air and revealing intricate patterns of cracking and rust; construction or demolition sites with mysterious spray-painted markings accenting the richly varied materials either tossed haphazardly about or stacked in tidy rows. Graffiti or other markings reveal the urgent human need to leave a record of our existence. All of these provide a wealth of visual imagery that I draw on as influences in my work.

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Composition IX

Composition IX46 x 48 inches  

Façade VI

Façade VI38 x 63 inches  

Façade VII

Façade VII40 x 67 inches  

Façade VIII

Façade VIII40 x 67 inches