Teresa Barkley

9 Kensington Terrace
Maplewood, NJ
07040-1322 US


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Authentic Imitation

Authentic Imitation95" x 95"   Photo by Cosmos Communications

I have worked for 35 years as a patternmaker in the Garment Center of New York City. After so many years in manufacturing, I have thought a great deal about what is authentic and what an imitation is. I think about how unique Earth is. I have arranged eight vintage sacks (authentic sacks, not reproductions) as if they rotated around the image of Earth. Other spheres float around the solar system, illustrating authentic things which are surrounded by imitations and reproductions.

A Grand Centennial

A Grand Centennial36" x 33"   Photo by Jean Vong

"A Grand Centennial" celebrates the past, present and future of Grand Central Terminal. The design includes many details that date from the 1913 opening of the terminal: the majestic windows, ceiling, and information clock on the Main Concourse, trains and tracks, and the acorn and oak decorations.