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Sue Reno is an award winning fiber artist who lives and works in
Lancaster County, PA. Her rich and intricate art quilts reflect
her local environment and incorporate imagery drawn from her
studies of botany, wildlife, historic architecture, and the
Susquehanna River.

She employs surface design techniques including cyanotype, mono printing, digital image transfer, and needle felting as the basis for works that also incorporate hand painted fabrics, hand and machine stitching, and beadwork.

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In Dreams I Learned to Swim

In Dreams I Learned to Swim60"h x 80"w  

The placid appearance of the Susquehanna River is belied by its treacherous undercurrents. In my dreams, I can swim though it with power and confidence, admiring the farms and wooded hillsides as I glide by. Wool, silk, and cotton fabrics, wool, silk, and polyester fibers, needlefelting, mono printing, couching, machine stitching.


Luminosity60"h x 74"w  

I was one of 22 artists chosen nationwide to attend the James Webb Space Telescope Artist Event at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. I had the opportunity to meet engineers and technicians, tour the facility, and view the telescope in the clean room. I had time to create on site, which I spent hand stitching silk hexagons for my representation of the mirror. Back in the studio, I worked on creating this large art quilt. It is my depiction of the early luminosity, going back 13.5 billion years, which the telescope will be able to detect. Hand-stitched silk hexagons, needlefelting with wool, silk, and mylar, hand beadwork with semi-precious stones, cyanotypes and solar dye prints on cotton, digital prints on cotton, silk and cotton patchwork, stitching.

52 Ways to Look at the River

52 Ways to Look at the River72"h x 82"w  

Beginning on the 2015 summer solstice and continuing uninterrupted for a year, each week I visited the Susquehanna River somewhere along its course and took pictures. Back in the studio, I chose an image and interpreted it in a 6” x 12” fiber art panel. The panels are on a wool/rayon felt base and are primarily needlefelted with wool and silk fiber, with machine and hand stitching. At the end of the 52 weeks, I hand-painted fabric and quilted it to form a background. Each panel was appliqued onto black felt and then stitched on the quilt. I added hand beadwork with glass beads and semi-precious stones.

Late Summer Roses

Late Summer Roses54"h x 47"w  

This work was begun plein air in the garden of the Governor’s Residence in Harrisburg PA. I was inspired by the large magnolia tree flanked by late blooming roses and mellow brick pathways. Wool and silk fibers, wool and silk fabrics, hand painted and commercial fabrics, needlefelting, stitching, hand beadwork.

Ice Jam

Ice Jam43"h x 52"w  

Here is the Susquehanna River in the depths of winter. Several freeze and thaw cycles have transformed it, with giant slabs of ice pushing up onto the riverbanks. Wool and silk fabrics and fibers, collagraph prints on cotton, needlefelting, stitching, couched threads, hand beadwork with seed beads and semi-precious stones.