Sherry Kleinman

17239 Avenida de la Herradura
Pacific Palisades, CA2
90272 US


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Girl in Blue Stockings

Girl in Blue Stockings22" X 25"  

Portraits capture slices of life for the viewer to interpret. Who is she? What is she thinking? Where is she going? Using stitch and fiber adds dimension to my life long love of painting people of various ages and lifestyles. Her name is Daniella, but the viewer can imaging the answers to the other questions. I love using fiber and stitch to portray people. I use layers of stitched threads both before, during and after the painting process to achieve depth and dimension. Piece is part of the SAQA People and Portrait Exhibit that will premier at IQF in Houston, 2013.

Backyard Quail Pair

Backyard Quail Pair26" X 22"  

My backyard bird feeder attracts all the neighboring birds, squirrels, and rabbits to my yard. My favorites are the California Quail that visit from nearby hillsides. I painted this piece on my iPad from one of my photos. Image was then printed onto fabric for both hand and machine stitching.

Waiting Expectantly

Waiting Expectantly24" x 60"  


Alone/Together42" X 45"   Photo by Photos: Sherry Kleinman, Courtney Kleinman, Elena Mendoza

In my art I like to tell stories and capture everyday scenes, creating portraits of people around me. The subject of observing people on digital devices was a perfect one for me to explore. For this project, I used the new (technology) with the old (quilting and stitching). I created the images for this piece taking photos with my iPhone of people around me, then transferring the photos to a drawing app on my iPad. Using a line drawing technique I created images that I then printed onto fabric, I enhanced and embellished the images with machine and hand stitching. My drawings are presented in three separate but attached columns, reflecting the alone but together theme. My self-portrait can be found on the top row of the center panel; I am poised with my iPhone ready to take a photo.

Far Rockaway Beach

Far Rockaway Beach21" X 31"  

History often is a repeat of what has come before, what is old becomes new, creating a circle in the lines of life. A new generation breathes new life into an older style. The Mod style of the 1960's (my youth) now finds a new life with hipsters and artist types that flock to run down places like Far Rockaway in Queens, New York. Figure painted on canvas with water-soluble media from artist model. Machine and hand stitching. Traveling with SAQA People and Portraits Exhibit, premiering at IQF, Houston, 2013.