Sandra Hoefner

2337 Meridian Court
Grand Junction, CO
81507 US


Artist Information for Sandra Hoefner

A lot of the time I work with the figure. My abstract work is mostly concerned with the interplay of design and composition.

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Invite14" x 10"  

A long-ago person with crocheting and lace making talent created the glove I wanted to incorporate in a quilt so it would not be lost or discarded. The hand dyed and commercial fabrics are there to complement the glove. Hand pieced and quilted. 

A Tangle of Ravens

A Tangle of Ravens 18" x 6"  

I have seen ravens playing in the updrafts of air above the cliffs and mesas where I live. Seeing them fly upside down to hold onto another raven was an astonishing sight. Commercial fabric with organza overlays. Machine quilted.

The First Step

The First Step24" x 12"  

I loved the division of space. For a show that had "ladders" as its theme. Hand dyed and batiked cotton, commercial fabrics. Embellished with piping. Hand pieced and quilted


Jessie30.5" x 21"  

This family member always looked calm in the face of the turmoil of heading west to homestead. Thermofaxed  photograph. Hand dyed and batiked fabric. Hand pieced and quilted

Winter Trees

Winter Trees36" x 36"  

Image taken from a plein air painting I did of a grove of trees. Commercial cotton fabric. Embellished with buttons.