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Mary Pal

401 Richmond St W Studio 109
Toronto, ON
M5V 3A8 CA


Artist Information for Mary Pal

My process involves saturating cheesecloth with adhesive and sculpting it into forms that are ultimately machine-stitched to a background textile. Cheesecloth for me represents the very essence of textiles – the most minimal configuration of warp and weft. Its fluidity permits me to control opacity, to depict light and transparency, to play with chiaroscuro. I am thus able to sculpt a two-dimensional representation that nonetheless reflects a unique depth and texture. And further, I am free to explore the connection between process and materials and the way that they relate to my subject matter, in this case, the texture and vulnerability of the human face.


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Corrosion39" x 32"   Photo by Ray Pilon

Like steel left to rust and corrode, this homeless man is a rebuke to the society that elects to carelessly cast him aside. We ignore those living in poverty at our peril. Reference photo by Edmondo Senatore, Italy.


Leonard27" x 37"   Photo by Ray Pilon

Poet, singer, songwriter, no image of this treasured Canadian writer is complete without reminders of his lyrics. From a reference photo by Chris Woods.


Willie46" x 34"   Photo by Thomas Blanchard

Adapted from a reference photo by Allen Matheson.

Lighthouse Keeper

Lighthouse Keeper36" x 46"   Photo by Ray Pilon

Adapted from a reference photo by Alan Kingsbury

Medium: Hand-dyed cheesecloth, hand-painted cotton canvas, monofilament and polyester threads, felt backing

Lighthouse Keeper Detail

Lighthouse Keeper Detail36" x 46"   Photo by Ray Pilon