Pat Pauly

686 Hillside Ave.
Rochester, NY


Artist Information for Pat Pauly

Quilt National 1983 exhibited Pat Pauly's first quilt. She continues to construct works that are strong and graphic. Creating works that evoke natural forms, while remaining abstract, Pauly often uses various surface design techniques. Pauly exhibits internationally and is in private and corporate collections. Pauly is a frequent lecturer on the relationship of traditional quilts to contemporary works, and curates exhibitions of art quilts. Pauly's workshops focus on design, color theory, construction, as well as when to apply the rules, and when to toss them out.

"I am fascinated with construction, which is an integral part of my creative process. It grounds my work in the tradition of fiber art that spans centuries."

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Time of Day: Happy Hour

Time of Day: Happy Hour72.5 x 77  

Reflecting on that part of the day when work is (supposed to be) finished and enjoyment for being still around begins.

Time of Day: Nine to Five

Time of Day: Nine to Five75.5 x 70  

I am taken with specific times of the day that everyone can identify. "Nine to Five" was about having many things to do, and only time to do just one.

Mummy Bags Influenced

Mummy Bags Influenced73 x 80  

These forms are stand-ins for people. I'm showing relationships, commonality, and kinship. Just using a vessel form.

Pink Leaf 2

Pink Leaf 269 x 66  

I wanted to use the thin line and brilliant color I found in a Kuna mola to make this large pink leaf.

Strangers in Paradise

Strangers in Paradise42 x 79  

Made in response to the other-world feel of the flora in Florida.