Jennifer Conrad

Minneapolis, MN
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When art becomes a part of your life and your expression, it moves you in ways that you never dreamed. If we could think or feel in colors, verbal expression would no longer seem important and our creation would become our vision.Color is the key to all things beautiful to me.

Graphic bold images and detail inspire my creations. Taking an original painting and reinterpreting it in fiber gives me the greatest amount of artistic freedom and the utmost pleasure. We live in a world that is full of parameters, barriers, obstacles, and verbal consternations. My goal is to open your mind to the world of color. I invite you to feel images and textures that seem remote, unbelievable, unexpected, undeniable, spontaneous, and unique.

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70's Child

70's Child38x43   Photo by Jeff Conrad, Imagine Photography

Growing up in the 70`s, OP Art was big, along with color and funky design. Disco balls and beaded curtains were the rage. The colors I chose for this piece reflects the harvest golds, avocado greens, sky blues, citrus colors, and of course purple for Donny Osmond`s socks. Dust off your platforms and rock on!

Avant Jazz

Avant Jazz28.5 x 37.5   Photo by Jeff Conrad, Imagine Photography

Avant Jazz is a whole cloth painting on PFD fabric. I drew the design on stretched fabric and painted the shapes and completed the design with free motions quilting. Strong graphic images inspire me. This piece was created to depict the Jazz Genre- Avant Garde Jazz - it is a style of music and improvisation that combines avant-garde art music and composition with jazz. The warm and cool colors provide the movement. I chose not to quilt the circles which represents the notes being free to make improvisational music.

Superior Waves

Superior Waves21.25x25.75   Photo by Jeff Conrad, Imagine Photography

This is hand inked painting on fabric that was quilted and embellished with crystals. The inspiration came from a visit to Lutsen, MN and watching the waves on Lake Superior.

Perennial Paradise

Perennial Paradise36x28   Photo by Jeff Conrad, Imagine Photography

This was inspired by a piece of bark on a tree in Hawaii. I wanted to take the shapes and turn them into petals and then I abstracted the background to create the outer border from the watercolor paining I had created. I used primarily hand-dyed and painted fabrics for this piece. The quilt is much more vibrant than the painting.