Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix

Route de Frontenex #92
CH-1208 CH
+41 22 7366362



Artist Information for Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix

The area where I live (Geneva - Switzerland) has a great influence on my work. As years are passing by, I learned to look around me; so it is what my memory recalls of the colors I see in my surrounding, during travels abroad but also in magazines, photos or paintings which inspire me.

The changing colors of the water, its mouvements and reflections are fascinating: always the same but every day different. The change in continuity is for me a continuous source of wonder. I look at the Leman lake as often as possible; it is a time of meditation which gives me a sense of fulfillment.

I am a textile artist working in Art quilt whose work mixes contemporary techniques with more traditional constructions.

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Clapotis89cm x 100cm   Photo by Olivier Junod

The daily vision of the Leman lake is fascinating with the changing color of the water, its movements and reflections: always the same but every day different. 

Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming70cm x 101cm    Photo by Olivier Junod

Winter landscape of the Arve river covered with snow. Hand painted fabrics. 


Turbulences 80cm x 100cm    Photo by Olivier Junod

The Leman lake and its mouvements are expressed with home Shibori painted fabric. 

Mouvements d'Eau

Mouvements d'Eau 88cm x 87cm    Photo by Olivier Junod

The shibori technique add some fantasy to my intuitive way to paint my fabrics. 

Météorites 1

Météorites 1 30cm x 173cm    Photo by Olivier Junod

Play of painted fabrics where unexpected little circles are like meteorites crossing the sky and falling unseen into the ocean.

A fantasy on what can happen so quickly in life and which remains present but hidden.