Artist Information for Lora Rocke

Reminiscent of family albums, my portraits reveal people doing commonplace activities. From my drawings to the final stitch, I strive to tell their stories. 
Through applique and careful fabric selection, my subjects are illuminated and a sense of time and place is created.
The intense stitching I use, creates the details of face and figure.  These layers upon layers of thread give each work dimension texture, and personality. 
I create portraits of everyday people, sharing everyday experiences.  These familiar scenes are now set and ready for the storytelling.  Each one:  intricate, intriguing and saturated with color.

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Cat-in-the-Cradle23" x 37"  

"Cat-in-the-Cradle" references a specific yo-yo trick.  This image of a young man (my dad), was created through intense stitching of his facial features and arms.   All pieces are appliquéd, then machine quilted to enhance the sense of depth and dimension.

Cousins on the Farm

Cousins on the Farm28" x 42"  

These close-knit cousins' features were individually created through intense stitching and appliqué and hand tinting.  Vintage trims & buttons as well as commercial, and hand-dyed fabrics were used to convey a time and place. The unusual  shape of the piece helps to promote a feeling of depth.

Backyard Babies

Backyard Babies24" x 24"  

The Big Cheese on Vacation

The Big Cheese on Vacation27"x28"  

This is close-up view is of a man that certainly commands attention! Intense stitching was used to create his robust features. Appliqué and free motion quilting provides the depth and dimension.