Karen Rips

2418 McCrea Road
Thousand Oaks, CA2
91362 US



Artist Information for Karen Rips

In my work, I try to express what I am seeing or feeling in the simplest possible terms using basic lines, shapes, colors, and texture. 

I am always looking for different ways to express myself.  Fiber is my medium of choice because it is tactile, easily manipulated, and allows itself to be altered in many different ways.

I create my own fabric using a variety of surface design techniques.  I then experiment to bring the piece alive, often by incorporating ideas and elements from previous creations.  Tactile elements are important in my work because they give the piece even more reason to get up close and look at the art. 

I hope viewers of my work will experience surprise, peace, anxiety, or whatever I am conveying with that piece. 

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High Water Mark

High Water Mark36" x 48"   Quilt National 2012


Pelvis36" x 48"   From "A View Within" series.


Gravida36" x 48"   The Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection


MM316" x 24"   Part of the "A View Within" series.


Awareness12" x 12"   The Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection