Joan Sowada

206 W. Hogeye Drive
Gillette, WY
82716 US


Artist Information for Joan Sowada

I use the medium of fabric because it has so many 'voices', capable of communicating ideas as diverse as migration, relationship to the outdoors, impermanence, and the onslaught of the digital age. Relationship is an on going theme that resonates in both my abstract conceptual and my figurative work.

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By Design

By Design22 X 22   Photo by Ken Sanville

The nature of the newest technology, is that it is very desirable at first, but soon becomes obsolete.

Wonderful Water

Wonderful Water9.5 X 12.5   Photo by Ken Sanville

People and the outdoors are a favorite subject of mine.

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon36 X 49   Photo by Ken Sanville

Sunday Afternoon is the first piece in my Technology Series.

Are You Real

Are You Real29 X 39   Photo by Ken Sanville

In the digital age a lot of communication is done with screens. A real touch is more powerful.

Green Shoes Leading

Green Shoes Leading10.5 X 7.5   Photo by Ken Sanville

The youngest people in the society are the most comfortable with the digital age and often lead the way, which is not necessarily wise.