Marcia H. Eygabroat

166 Filon Avenue
Rochester, NY
14622 US


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Beyond the Gate

Beyond the Gate55" x 41"  

Made in 1957

Made in 195736.75" x 27  

Girasole Da Magione

Girasole Da Magione78" x 51"   I was approached by prospective clients to do a very large quilt for their lake home. We discussed the possible designs for several months. They went on a trip to Magione, Italy and took a photograph of a field of sunflowers. After sending me the picture, we knew this was to be their quilt. I had to enlarge my design wall to tackle this huge quilt. It is completely puzzle pieced with commercial quilt cotton fabric. There were 45 different color threads and 50 different fabrics! It reached nearly to the ceiling and floor of my studio! I was up and down the ladder. I was on and off my hands and knees. The entire process took six months. When the quilt was installed on THE wall, it looked magnificent with the special lighting spotlighting it. The couple who commissioned this work is beyond thrilled!

Waiting for Work

Waiting for Work60" x 45" est.   I was approached by a prospective client to create a quilt for his daughter and son in law. He wanted a piece representing their farm out in the countryside. The client left everything else up to my judgement. Going down to the farm I took many dozens of photographs of every aspect of the farm including buildings, equipment and animals. Upon entering the greenhouse I saw this beautiful Farmall tractor. I knew immediately this was my inspiration for the quilt commission. When doing the puzzle piecing, I decided the top of the greenhouse needed some extra interest, not the burlap ceiling. I took many photographs of a wonderful stormy sky and made the decision to include one of these as the new “ceiling”. The end result is an unexpected surprise. The piece is totally puzzle pieced using commercial cottons. My client was very enthralled with the end result. In his case, he did not want to see anything until completed. He knew that Farmall very well and could not believe the detail I included in the composition. When he presented the quilt to his daughter and son in law they were extremely grateful for this gift which hangs prominently in their farmhouse.