Sandy Gregg

16 Watson Street
Cambridge, MA
02139-4050 US


Artist Information for Sandy Gregg

The inspiration for my work comes from the interaction of color, place and nature.  I create fabric with dye and paint and love the unexpected results that frequently occur. I often work on a number of pieces simultaneously (sometimes working in series) because I work intuitively and need time to study the work on the design wall before deciding how to proceed to the next step. I sometimes add text as another layer, which can provide texture and meaning.  I look for a balance of light, line, color, space and form. 

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Echelman on the Greenway

Echelman on the Greenway34"w x 21"h   Photo by Joe Ofria

Whispers of the Past 1

Whispers of the Past 135"w x 40"h   Photo by Joe Ofria

Crossings 2

Crossings 234"w x 41"h   Photo by Joe Ofria

Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup43w x 32h   Photo by Joe Ofria

Channeling Ernst Haeckel 2

Channeling Ernst Haeckel 243" x 43"   Photo by Joe Ofria