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I've been an artist all my life. Having explored many media, specifically graphics, painting, and now, fiber, I feel I have found the most versatile medium of all.

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23 Witnesses

23 Witnesses36"x 36"   Photo by photo by D. James Dee

The eyes are focused on an event, the specifics of which are not clear. One can be sure that whatever happened got everyone's undivided attention, and will be remembered for a long time by 23 witnesses. What happened? Maybe "someone dyed." You be the judge.

Running Wild

Running Wild41" x 25"   Photo by photo by D.James Dee

A Beautiful babbling brook became an out of control, raging river, leaving a path of destruction in the aftermath of a summer storm.

REnewal III

REnewal III10.5" x 11"   Photo by Peter C. North

After a creative block, caused by health issues, this is part of the healing process: returning to art, in a new form. 


Aquifer36.5" x 29"   Photo by Peter C. North

An aquifer is an underground layer of water-bearing rock, source of a vital element to our survival. I share with many the concerns about threats to our water sources, primarily overuse and contamination.