Lura Schwarz Smith

P.O. Box 649
Coarsegold, CA1
93614-0649 US


Artist Information for Lura Schwarz Smith

Though I have a painting and drawing background, I have chosen textiles as my medium. I am interested in the inherent warmth and richness of the textural possibilities, and enjoy exploring new ways of merging figurative and abstract imagery. Teaching and sharing these techniques is an important part of my art career.

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Universal Language: Dreams

Universal Language: Dreams37"x37"  

Dreams are both immensely private and yet an experience we all share - we all dream. Here, excerpts of my dream journals rise and fall across the face.


Passage24"x23"   Photo by Digital photo by Kerby C. Smith

A passage can refer to a portion of music or text, a journey, a connection to elsewhere, a space of time. It is transitory by nature. A fleeting memory is also a passage, and we are transported in that moment.

Wawona Echoes

Wawona Echoes20"x28"   Photo by Courtesy the Marbaum Collection

The shadow of an old cast iron hook on a weathered shed intrigued me, so I echoed the shapes and played with the colors in Photoshop.

Back to Back

Back to Back35" x 43"   Photo by Photo credit Kerby C. Smith

Granite Shadows

Granite Shadows29" x 36"   Photo by Digital photo by Kerby C. Smith

Granite is a part of the landscape I love in the Sierras. A tree branch across the stones can become more human in form with oil pastel work. We affect even the stones of our landscapes.