Norma Schlager

134 Logging Trail Road
Danbury, CT
06811-2629 US


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Verdant9" x 20"   Made from my hand dyed fabric and Dupioni silk.

Of Cabbages and Kings

Of Cabbages and Kings35" x 25"  

Whole cloth painted quilt with free motion satin- stitched quilting.

Radically Red

Radically Red30" x 30"  

This quilt is made entirely of Dupioni silk that has be tucked, stitched and embellished with French Knots.

Itajime Surprise

Itajime Surprise56" x 44"  

Made using the Itajime form of Shibori in which the fabric is under-dyed, then folded, clamped and dyed again.


Transformation30" x 30"  

Pieced from my very bright hand-dyed fabrics, then quilted, then painted with latex house paint.