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Color, graphic design, textiles and sewing have all come together in my life to express all that I love. When I discovered quilts, I knew that textiles would be my medium. When I first saw Amish quilts in the early 80's, it wowed me! I felt deeply connected to the women and their quilts who proved to me that art can be made with a needle and thread.

My palette is vibrant saturated color, and that is what excites me to design. Sometimes I may doodle a concept first, other-times I may just start out playing with ideas directly on my design wall. Other times I may sew as I go and let the idea or concept develop improvisation-ally. When working on a piece, I always try to impart a sense of energy and movement. I have focused on themes of the sun, and I am exploring color juxtaposition and fabric manipulation using surface texture. I enjoy adding whimsical fabrics, just for the joy of it. It brings a smile to my face as I work and I hope it does that as well for the viewer, as they step in close to view my quilts.

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August Daze

August Daze24.5"w X 36"h  


Breakaway43" x 43"  

This is the first in a new series I call Play. I wanted to explore new ideas with color and composition, and try a new direction, hence the title.

Sunshine State of Mind II

Sunshine State of Mind II51"h x 26"h  

This is my continued study and theme using the sun. I chose to live in Florida in order to enjoy the abundant days of sunshine. In this design, I worked intuitively stitching raw edged strips in a curved design over different colored backgrounds and created blocks that were rearranged until the composition worked.

Incoming Messages

Incoming Messages47"h x 40.5"w  

This was the second in my new series I call Play. I played with color blocks, surface design, and a playful palette. I worked intuitively listening to the "incoming messages".

Solar Rhythms

Solar Rhythms58"w x 46"h