Susan Polansky

60 Sherburne Road South
Lexington, MA


Artist Information for Susan Polansky

I consider myself to be a painter, although not in the conventional sense. Melding fundamentals of fine art and quilting traditions, I collage fabrics together to create my imagery. Machine stitching holds the work together and further defines shape and character. The “magic” of the art is content and emotions conjured through an impressionistic blend of color, texture and pattern. My primary objective is to create a believable atmosphere, so for that purpose, I rely mostly on representational portrayals. I have chosen to work with textiles as their universal familiarity supports my vision of reality. Earlier pieces were intuitive explorations of medium and technique, while current work focuses on purposeful execution of the concept, which is developed through research and drawing. Despite the specific nature of artistic intention and process, I maintain spontaneity through the selection and manipulation of materials at hand. I am interested in narrative realism and see myself progressing towards that style. Visceral response from the beholder is deeply satisfying, although not the motivator for my art. Rather, it is my own emotional convictions that provoke further exploration and dedication to my artistic endeavors.

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FAIR WEATHER (JULY19)47" x 59"   Photo by Image-Tec, Methuen, MA

For my work, I typically refer to my own photographs, but when my husband chose to paint a scene photographed by Wil Whalen, I became curious as to how different our interpretations would look. I also wanted to see if I could paint half and collage the other half into a seamless execution of the image.


LOS COMPAÑEROS60" x 48"   Photo by Image-Tec, Methuen, MA

While politicians posture and bully, Cubans continue to go about their days as best they can. So much life happens out on their beautifully decrepit streets, on display for all to see. Using Photoshop, I combined some of the images I had captured on my visit there and then had the composition commercially printed on fabric by Spoonflower. I painted the flags and parts of the people, and used fabric collage and stitching to complete the image.


SHADOWS OF THE DIVINE32" x 45"   Photo by Boston Photo Imaging

"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection." – Michelangelo


NOT TO BE TABLED50" x 47"   Photo by Boston Photo Imaging

I added paint and stitch to my mother’s tablecloth with embellishments of protest buttons. She would have been shocked to see my alterations, as she kept her linens spotless, but I think she also would have been proud to see the heirloom speak truth to power.


AN ORDINARY DAY30" x 50"   Photo by Boston Photo Imaging

My travel in India was fascinating - it would not have been possible to pick one of my photos to represent this complicated place. Photoshop allowed me to condense some details into a composition I could work with, and then I brought my vision to life through fabric collage and stitching.