You be the Critic - Call for Participants

Call for Entry Deadline

The SAQA Education Committee will be hosting a live critique opportunity on November 18, 2020, You be the Critic. 

Participants are asked to submit work to be critiqued by the SAQA membership in a live webinar meeting. Application will be live on the SAQA website until October 18, 2020.

Applicants will be asked to submit pictures of 2 completed pieces for consideration and to fill out a brief questionnaire about themselves, their work, and what they hope to get from critique.

A subcommittee of the Education Committee will choose the participants from the pool of applicants. Works will be selected to provide variety in genre, stage of the artists’ career, critique questions, etc. to provide a richer educational experience for Webinar viewers. Selection will not be based on subcommittee artistic evaluation of submitted work.

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Here’s what SAQA member Jean Sredl has to say about her critique experience:

I was thrilled to be accepted for a critique opportunity with Arturo Sandoval! He even went to my website and filled me with all sorts of ideas and suggestions for improvement.

There are many opportunities to find qualified critiques on your artwork or portfolio within the SAQA organization.  Before you start utilizing these opportunities, it is vital to develop your own personal critique system. How are you to critique your own work?  You are too close to it. 

One of the best methods I’ve found is to use a critique checklist. on the SAQA website, Clara Nartey offers an outstanding and fun method of self-critique: Clara Nartey self-critique. There are other critique resources available in the Resource Library.

Here is my method:   Set your work aside for two weeks (if this is not possible try a photograph, or look at it backward in the mirror.)  Run through your checklist.  I use Jane Dunnewold’s “Criteria for Visual Critique” It can be found at under resources, tutorials. 

Ask yourself questions; for example:  How is the workmanship? Are the colors well chosen? What about value and contrast? Is the piece balanced? Is the composition excellent? Having a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses is a great start. Ideally, this should be an ongoing process throughout your construction. Try not to fall into the trap of negative thinking. 

Did you know that SAQA has a Facebook page dedicated to critique? Go to SAQArtique Facebook page and ask to join. Read through the posts. Listen to what the critics are saying.  You can learn a lot from just reading other’s comments.  When ready post your artwork.  Remember this is not the time to be defensive.  You want solid suggestions.  Ask for that and don’t be shy.  Say “I’m new posting my first piece. I want recommendations on how to improve it.  What do think about this aspect?"  I promise you many good ideas and suggestions. Then stay on top of your notifications and say Thank you.

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