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Waiting is part of living, a constant state of anticipation regarding some aspect of our lives. Acknowledging the role that waiting plays requires us to find the balance between where we are and what we are waiting for; it can involve others or just ourselves. That balance is impacted by whether we are willing or unwilling, certain or uncertain, and it can be physical, spiritual, or emotional. Society may wait for social and racial justice, respect and care for the environment, an election, or for a pandemic to end. We may personally wait for the pain of grief to subside, to feel better after an illness, to be spared discrimination, or to be free of certain obligations. We may also be waiting to love more, do more, laugh more, or learn to enjoy ourselves. 

Artists are asked to create work that addresses the question “What are you waiting for?”

In order to participate in this Virtual Gallery Exhibit, you will need to submit two professional quality photographs or an optional short video. If you choose to submit a video, you will also need two professional quality static images of your work.


  • Artwork, or components within, must meet SAQA's definition of an art quilt.
  • Artists may enter up to three artworks.
  • Only current SAQA members may enter.
  • If the artwork is a collaboration, all collaborating artists must be SAQA members.
  • Work must be original and of the artist's own design.
  • Artwork will not be shipped; only images will be used. 
  • For additional information on the terms used in these guidelines as well as digital image submission requirements, please refer to Exhibition Policies and FAQs

Additional Guidelines:

  • There is no entry fee for this call.
  • No artist statement is required, but one may be submitted for consideration by the curator.
  • There is no date by which the artwork must have been made.
  • Artwork may have been published previously.
  • Artwork may not have been selected for a previous SAQA Global Exhibition or for a previous SAQA Virtual Gallery.
  • No more than one entry may be selected from a member for the exhibit.
  • Artwork images may not have a watermark, signature, or other proprietary mark showing.
  • There is no requirement that the work be offered for sale.
  • SAQA will not sell the exhibited work on behalf of the artist; however, an individual artist may sell his or her own artwork.


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Submission Form

Selection Process:

The Curator will jury the submissions based on quality of submitted image and illustration of the exhibition theme. Approximately 26 pieces of artwork will be selected. Because of tight deadlines, it is critical that submitted images are of professional quality; artists will not be contacted for revised images. 

If you have any additional questions about this virtual gallery exhibition, please contact Susan Else or Sarah Entsminger, at virtualgallery@saqa.com.


About the Curator

Katherine WilsonDrawing on history, current events and personal experiences for inspiration, Katherine Stewart Wilson’s journey as an artist has allowed her creative inner spirit to be expressed. In her reflective art form, a variety of processes are favored and improvisational techniques are practiced. Compositional decisions embrace traditional art, as well as quilting concepts, as she explores new avenues of expression through surface manipulation. 

The importance of Katherine's culture and the impact of social commentary have profoundly influenced the visual depictions seen in her stitched and layered art. 

“My artwork, if nothing else, is a statement. I decontextualize and reconstruct. My creative goal is not to reflect what is obvious; it is reflecting what is not obvious.”

Important Dates

November 1, 2020        Online Entry Opens

November 30, 2020        Online Entry Deadline at 11:59 EST

January 1, 2021       Notification of Acceptance sent via email

January 1, 2021                    Opening of Online Exhibition 

February 28, 2021        End of Exhibition

Terms and Conditions

You will be asked to agree with these terms and conditions. "I agree to loan images of my artwork to Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc. I further agree to permit images of my artwork to be used in articles, ads, promotions, blogs, websites, and/or social media for and about the virtual gallery and/or promotion of SAQA, Inc." "I confirm, to the best of my knowledge, the artwork entered is original and does not violate any copyright or trademark laws."

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