Special Interest Group (SIG): Professional Online Presence (POP!)

Online Event

This NEW Short-Term Special Interest Group (SIG) will occur over the next 4 months with participants working towards these monthly goals:

  1.  Determine your goals for your own online presence (May)
  2.  Identify your target customer/audience (May/June)
  3.  Create/improve a website that works for your business goals and your customer (June)
  4.  Use social media to engage with your customer (July)
  5.  Stay connected with your followers through e-newsletters (August)
  6.  Explore the value of blogging (August)

It will be up to you to choose a pathway that works best for YOU, your business goals, time availability, and resources. Each month will focus on a different aspect of your online presence before moving onto a new topic. You can participate in all 4 months or choose which month's focus topics will best serve you and your business. We’ll provide a few tools/resources to get the conversation started and to help participants:

  1.  Connect your art online with your target customers/audience
  2.  Connect you with tools and resources to help boost your online presence and reach your business goals.
  3.  Connect with fellow SAQA members through a Facebook Group (discussions, polls, pose questions, request feedback, resource sharing, celebratory posts) and Breakout Rooms via monthly Zoom meetings.




Want to learn more?
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Mark your calendar to join our monthly Zoom networking sessions scheduled 12 PM ET (UTC/GMT -4) and 7 PM ET (UTC/GMT -4) on these 4 dates:
May 20, 2021
Jun 17, 2021
Jul 15, 2021
Aug 19, 2021

You do NOT have to attend both session each day. Choose which one will fit your schedule. 

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