Special Interest Group: 100 Days

Online Event

The 100 days project, or its shorter versions (7x7 or Jump into June) is a private Facebook group for SAQA members who want to share their creative projects every day.  

The next session will run from August 3 - November 11 for a full 100 Days.

  • Choose a focus and create “blocks” resulting in a finished project, or experiment with concepts or techniques. Or both. It’s your choice.
  • Choose a size, or don’t. There are no size requirements.
  • Stick to the same technique or try something new. There is no restriction on the medium used.
  • Share your art on the group Facebook page. You can receive friendly feedback and make new friends.
  • Comment on other members’ art. It will make them happy.
  • Post a photo every day. It’s okay if you miss days, but we will be happy when you return.

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Nancy Belsky
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