Red, White, & Blue


The Texas Quilt Museum salutes American patriotism with the rousing exhibition Red, White, & Blue. A total of 24 antique, vintage, and contemporary quilts from the Collection of International Quilt Festival celebrate our national flag.

While most people know that the stripes in the U.S. flag represent the 13 original Colonies and the stars the 50 states, the flag’s color symbolism is not common knowledge.

White is meant to symbolize purity, with red symbolizing valor and hardiness, and blue symbolizing justice and perseverance—the last quality being tested for many months across America during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Sider comments, “Patriotism can be defined as devotion for and attachment to one’s homeland. What deeper attachment can we find than American quilts that contain the fabric of our nation’s history? Even though not all the quilts in this exhibition have patriotic themes, they all stand proudly to celebrate our country.” This exhibition is supported by the Lucille Gaebler Klein Fund.


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La Grange, Texas
Venue Info

Texas Quilt Museum
140 W. Colorado St. 
La Grange, TX 78945
United States

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