Orient Express - An Artistic Train Ride Through Europe (SAQA Regional)

SAQA (Regional)

SAQA artists in this region live and work all over Europe and the Middle East or they originally stem from this region and are now located elsewhere, e.g. in North and South America or in the Caribbean. Our project is based on the idea to bring together the diversity, the history, personal memories and the culture of Europe and the Middle East, to tell what we care about, what is important to us, and to express it in an art quilt.

The Orient Express was a luxury train line that originally ran between Paris and Istanbul. More cities and branches were later included.

Our artistic train ride starts in London and incorporates any other European and Middle Eastern cities where our members live or would like to be.

Armi Heikkinen - The Hidden Secret of Hagia Sophia

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Suderburg, Germany
Venue Info

Grit's Life & Friends Quiltfest
Ostfalia Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften
Herbert-Meyer-Str. 7
29556 Suderburg

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