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This is a combination of two exhibitions from the Art Cloth Network - Wide Open and The Space Between. The varied interpretations of Wide Open in this exhibit express a wide range of ideas; joy, fear, expansion, liberation, inspiration, sorrow, movement, nature, hope, and humanity. These thoughtful expressions are conveyed by using innovative techniques that tell compelling stories and draw the viewer in for a closer look.

In The Space Between, artists grappled with the distance between what we think we know as humans and the many complicated ways that knowing may or may not be true. Artists tackled the theme by investigating the elusiveness of memory, the devastation of dementia, the history embedded in architecture, the profound impact of nature, as well as the ways textiles themselves express transparency, movement, space, light and time.

Mary Ann Nailos - Vesper Flights

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Temple, Texas
Venue Info

Cultural Activities Center
3111 North 3rd St. 
Temple, TX 76501
United States

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