Modern Meets Modern


Today’s quiltmakers are finding ways to reimagine what a quilt can look like. They employ bold colors, large areas of negative space, improvisational piecing, asymmetry, and unexpected visual juxtapositions to construct novel, fresh, Modern quilts. The Modern Quilt Movement and its graphically sophisticated outcomes have become hallmarks of 21st-century quiltmaking.

150 years ago, quilts were undergoing a different transformation. American industry, commerce, and society were modernizing rapidly. This Modern Age of quiltmaking (1870-1940) was defined by new tools, materials, techniques, visual references, and participants. More people could afford to make quilts, using fabrics, implements, and pattern inspirations previously unknown or unavailable.

Come explore what happens when today’s Modern and yesterday’s Modern are brought together in ways that reveal quiltmaking synergies across the ages.

More Info

Lincoln, Nebraska
Venue Info

International Quilt Museum
1523 N. 33rd St. 
Lincoln, NE 68583
United States

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