Miniature Art, Grand Designs, by Kumiko Frydl


Japanese designer Kumiko Frydl settled in Houston after residing in Canada and Great Britain. With a background in commercial art and dressmaking, she began quilting in 1987 after she moved to Canada. Her first projects were quilted garments, and then she moved on to medium-sized quilts.

But because her husband’s job required her to relocate frequently, Frydl began to concentrate mainly on miniature quilts, which are easy to transport.

She quilts by hand and machine, and has become an expert in ribbon embroidery. Her amazing miniature pieces have won numerous prizes at the major quilt festivals, and Frydl has been honored with solo exhibitions in France, Japan, Russia, the UK, and Spain. Dr. Sandra Sider, Museum curator, says “we are thrilled to share the incredible talent of Kumiko Frydl with our visitors!”

More Info

La Grange, Texas
Venue Info

Texas Quilt Museum
140 W. Colorado St.
La Grange, TX 78945
United States

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