it QU! LLT


It QU! LLT in and out of the rooms of the Max Berk textile collection of the Kurpfälzisches Museum in Heidelberg-Ziegelhausen when the cross-generational group tx02 shows its objects from 13.9.2020. Marianne Herbrich, Mechthild Jülicher, Luise Kerstan, Susanne Klinke, Ulrike Lindner, Birgit Reinken and their guest Helene Koselleck use cabinets, panoramas, assemblages and installations to create spaces to experience and immerse yourself in current textile art.

Visitors do not encounter very serious suggestions for lush "holiday hairstyles" and a "rock around" that captures the overflowing impressions of a tour. You can experience a "blue miracle" that you can indulge in in denim, and "clothing pictures" breathe new life into the past and the discarded with overflowing ideas. In installations, "extracts" swing from book slipcases as excerpts from beloved literature to new heights and "soft tips" surprise as a fusion of soft art and kinetic op art. And last but not least, one stands in a "glass body atelier" with organic textile elements and test tubes that make up QU! LLT.

Marianne Herbrich - Blue Wonder


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Heidelberg, Germany
Venue Info

Kurpfälzisches Museum 
Hauptstrasse 97
69117 Heidelberg

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