Here Comes the Sun


Over the past 250 years of quilt history in the United States, the color orange has risen and
fallen in popularity several times. Even at its peak, orange has never been a predominant color.
Today, while it is easy to find orange used in quilts, many people consider it either unpleasant or
off-putting. Not me! The first antique quilt I ever purchased was the Bow Tie included in this
exhibit, so unloved in the dealer’s booth that the price was low enough even a young guitar
player/quilter could afford it. Citrus, the rising sun, pumpkins, cheddar cheese—some of my
favorite things in life are orange. According to sources I find on the internet, orange can
represent almost anything, from serenity and peace to fire and war. For me, orange means
happiness and joy. The quilts here represent but a small number of the innumerable ways
quilters have stitched orange into their quilts.

Curated by Joe Cunningham

More Info

Winterset, Iowa
Venue Info

Iowa Quilt Museum
68 E. Court Ave. 
Winterset, IA 50273
United States

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