Geometric Expressions (SAQA Virtual Gallery) - Call for Entry

Virtual Call
Call for Entry Deadline

Geometric Expressions

Virtual Gallery of selected pieces available for viewing January 1!

Landscapes, portraits, and nature can often be reconfigured successfully using geometric shapes.  Or a geometric construction may resemble a real-life form.  Alternatively, the subject of a quilt can be given prominence if made of geometric shapes on a background that is free flowing.  Or a geometric background that resembles in some way what it represents can be effective.  

Let geometric shapes sing.  Straight-edged triangles, squares, rhombuses, hexagons, to mention a few, curved shapes such as ellipses and spirals, and/or non-standard shapes.  Traditional quilt blocks could be incorporated.  Sophisticated geometric constructions including fractals might be your specialty.  A major impact of submitted works must be the artistic use of geometry.


  • Open to all SAQA members
  • No entry fee (up to 3 entries per artist)
  • No size or date restrictions

Because this is a virtual exhibition, it is critical that submitted images be of the best possible quality: in focus, with clear details, and following SAQA's digital image requirements. Please read Virtual Gallery Submission Guidelines for more details.

We have prepared a handy resource of  Tips for Successful Art Quilt Photography

About the Curator

Pat ForsterPat Forster entered the art-quilt world ten years ago, bringing with her a love of Geometry, which is a carryover from her career in mathematics. Pat’s quilt designs are grounded in Geometry. She plays with shapes, letting real-world subjects emerge, and uses quilt titles to convey those subjects to the viewer. Alternately she addresses subjects, including social issues, by embellishing a geometric design with machined text.