Deadlocked and Loaded: Disarming America


The Pandemic was top-of-mind for most of 2020 but 2020 was also a devastating year for gun violence.  And once again, communities of color bore a disproportionate burden of the violence.  At the same time, gun sales surged in 2020. An estimated 20 million guns were sold, 6.1 million more than in 2019.    

The need to address gun violence is more urgent than ever and in response, artists from across the United States have used their artistic voices to address issues related to our culture of gun violence particularly how it affects women, children and marginalized peoples.              

Deadlocked and Loaded: Disarming America, curated by Karen M. Gutfreund, is a “locked and loaded” conversation through art, showcasing art in all media that addresses the culture of violence, systemic racism, police brutality and gun issues in the United States—particularly in how it affects women and children with lasting impacts.

From a feminist perspective, the works speak to issues that include gender, race, mental health, political affiliations, philosophical stances, remembrance and memorials, and access to and use of firearms in regard to the 2nd Amendment.

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Syracuse, New York
Venue Info

ArtRage Gallery
505 Hawley Avenue
Syracuse, New York 13203
United States

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