Call for Lightning Talk Proposals (2023 SAQA Conference)

Call for Submissions
Call for Entry Deadline

You are Interesting!

How do we know that? You’re a quilt artist, a person who can take a random thought, a glimmer of an idea, a shred of a possibility… and create a fascinating visual version of that concept. So please consider sharing something about you and the way you create art quilts because…

  • We want to be inspired.
  • We want to be awed.
  • We want to see images that triggers our imagination.
  • We want to see ‘pathways to possibilities’ in fabric art.
  • We want your unique story.
  • We want touching, humorous, and intriguing stories.
  • (No techniques, please – this is about personal stories)

Have we piqued your interest? If so, please consider sharing a little of you by giving a Lightning Talk at our next SAQA Conference: Pathways to Possibilities, in Toronto (April 27-30, 2023).

As these talks will be pre-recorded, in-person conference attendance is NOT required.

Your time on the virtual stage is all too brief: it's around seven minutes and features 20 photos/slides. Learn more about what we’re looking by watching this video (or scroll down). You can also see previous Lightning Talks here.

Your submission will be a short version of your final talk:

  • Give us a Title that describes your idea
  • Upload 3 to 5 photos (JPG format) that illustrates your story.
  • Give us a paragraph description, 5 or 6 sentences, about your story.

We will provide assistance on compiling and recording the final presentation for the selected entries. We are also happy to consider entries from non-English speakers (translated English captions will be added in the recording). 

If you have questions, contact us at


Deadline to Apply: December 17, 2022

Contact Person
Jayni Bloch
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