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Stories in Cloth -  Visions Art Museum  •   San Diego, California
October 19, 2019 - January 5, 2020

Marty Ornish is an unexpected artist who formally embraced her professional creative life in her 60s. Her process of personal reinvention began after a career as a social worker and attorney. Her love of textiles, combined with a family history of quilting, led to her exploration of art quilting and eventually to wearable art. Drawing on a foundation of basic sewing learned from her family, she began taking classes as an adult to perfect her skills and define her own style.

Experimentation and curiosity eventually led to a series of wearable art items made from abandoned or damaged quilts and linens. When creating her wearable art, Marty draws her inspiration from the fabric itself rather than from any particular style or rule of fashion. Since her source materials are in a sense “ruined”, and are limited in quantity, her chosen materials create challenging design parameters for each work of art. Marty rarely uses patterns, preferring to drape on a dress form.

Due to her concern about the harshness of textile production on our environment, Marty strives to use repurposed, upcycled textiles in her work. As a champion of zero-waste design and sustainably sourced textiles, Marty uses her art to counter the impact of fast-fashion waste in our society.

Venue Info:
Visions Art Museum
2825 Dewey Rd., Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92106
United States