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Working In A Series Online Course - Katie Pasquini Masopust   •   Online
June 1, 2019 - September 14, 2019

A series is a group of works that continues an idea from one piece to the next. It is a way to create unified pieces that give an individual voice to your work and to get deeper into your work through technique, design and color.  Come to the class with one art quilt piece completed to become the starting point of five more pieces for a total of 6 in the series (more if you would like). Start and email conversation with me to help you get that first one decided or started. There will be 5 deadlines after the first. Deadlines will be every three weeks, a 15 week course. You may work in any style or technique that you would like, this is not a class on how to make a quilt but rather how to develop a style and explore an idea.   Keep a journal while working on the first piece noting technique, idea or theme and color exploration. On June 11th send me a digital image of the work and the highlights of your notes for your series and the first piece. I will critique the work and have an email dialog with you, discussing your ideas and where you could go for the next piece. You will then have three weeks to complete and send a photo of your work with journal notes. I will set up a Yahoo groups where each participant will have a folder and everyone in the group can see what each is doing in their personal series.   

Cost $200.00 

Start communication about your series as soon as you register in June.