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Aloft (SAQA Global - All members)   •   AQS 2020 - various locations
Deadline:  June 30, 2019


Insects, birds, and even some mammals are able to fly or soar. Plant seeds are carried on breezes and by birds, while a soccer ball can fly down the field. Humankind has found ways to fly from Icarus’ attempt to create his own wings to the advent of mechanized flight, satellites, space exploration, and cameras on drones that give us a new perspective on our world. We invite you to submit representational and abstract two-dimensional works of what it means to be aloft.

This exhibition will premiere in 2020 at AQS. Exact dates TBD.


JUROR: Mary Edna Fraser

Fraser is a widely recognized master artist with numerous awards and an international reputation, having lectured abroad in Australia, Indonesia, and Taiwan. She has had more than 100 one-woman exhibitions of batiks, oils, and monotypes, including venues such as the National Academy of Sciences and Duke University Museum of Art.  She was the first woman to have a solo exhibition at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.  Her work is in a number of important private and public collections.


Exhibition Coordinator: Donna Deaver

Before you contact the Exhibition Coordinator, please refer to Exhibition Policies and FAQs. Should you need further policy clarification, contact the Exhibition Coordinator at


Minimum/Maximum Sizes:  Wall Hung – Height:  24” - 72”, Width:  24” - 72”


June 1, 2019  Online Entry Opens
June 30, 2019 Online Entry Deadline at 11:59 pm CST