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Kinship -  Northwest German Museum of Industrial Culture  •   Delmenhorst, Germany
December 2, 2018 - March 17, 2019

Kinship is a series of works concerning the network of social relationships. The human condition has always created a mix of intense feelings in me. I find the relationships I see and experience in society to be both fascinating and disturbing. My goal in this series is to portray humankind in both its extraordinary and its somber sides. Portraiture and emotion are my vehicles. Sewing machine sketches are rendered on organza. The transparency thereof invites the viewer deeper into the image, seeing through to the next level. The base is a collage of paper and fabric pertinent to the current theme. Paint is used to meld and accent. 

Maria Stoller - Kinship


Venue Info:
Northwest German Museum of Industrial Culture
Am Turbinenhauas 10-12
Delmenhorst 5046