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Bidding OPEN for Section 1 quilts only!

The Benefit Auction is a reverse auction in three sections taking place online over three weeks through October 6. All proceeds help support SAQA's exhibition programs, publications, and education outreach. Plus, your purchase helps increase the recognition for art quilts and the artists who make them.

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This week, only pieces in Section 1 are available for bidding. The price starts at $750 on Monday and is further reduced throughout the week to a final price of $100 on Saturday. This process is then repeated for Section 2 and 3. Bidding Guide & FAQs »

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Sue de Vanny Susan Shie Pat Bishop Susan Smith Trish Morris-Plise Stephanye Schuyler Barbara Triscari Cheryl Jordan Myania Moses Cindy Grisdela  Mary Ann Vaca-Lambert Helen Beaven Jeannie Schoennagel Nancy Ialacci Karen Hansen Phyllis Cullen Alex Anderson Maryte Collard Susan Else Gisha Wogier Lisa Ellis Bev Haring Susan Allen Shoshi Rimer Chris Taylor Rose Klein Ellen Schwark Karlie Norrish McChesney Daphne Taylor Cristina Robbiani Gail Sims Caroline Higgs Anne Walker Wilma Brock Sandra Lauterbach Judith Ahlborn Christine Vinh Cynthia D Friedman Sara Bradshaw Lori Triplett Diane English Karen Swiech Anna Brown Holly McLean James Brown Linda Nelson Johnson Diana Bailey Cheryl Lipari Jennie Johnston Alicia Merrett