Juried Artists

A Juried Artist Member is an artist who has successfully presented a portfolio to the Juried Artist Member Review Panel. Learn more about these artists by viewing their online artist profiles below. We have also curated a series of online galleries featuring Juried Artist Member artwork.

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Terry Waldron
California, United States
Lisa Walton
Laura Wasilowski
Illinois, United States
Kathy Weaver
Illinois, United States
Sylvia Weir
Texas, United States
Valerie White
Colorado, United States
Marianne R. Williamson
Alabama, United States
Jayne Willoughby
Alberta, Canada
Hope Wilmarth
Texas, United States
Valerie Wilson
Manitoba, Canada
Kathy York
Texas, United States
Zara Zannettino
South Australia, Australia
Pamela Zave
New Jersey, United States
Charlotte Ziebarth
Colorado, United States
Marian Zielinski
Georgia, United States
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