Rosalind Daniels

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Cabot, VT
United States

Artist Statement
Most of my work is fabric-inspired. I find the greatest joy in my quiltmaking practice when searching for and finding fabrics that call out to me and then honoring those fabrics by placing them in conversation with other textiles. My fabric choices are the result of my life experience. In my formative years, I was inspired by the bold, graphic designs of Op Art, especially as printed onto Marimekko fabric. Later, as a recovered Mathematician, rectangles and circles began to feel like home to me. But most importantly, I have been influenced by the visual language of the places I have lived: the astonishing colors and patterns worn in riotous combinations in tropical countries, the design esthetic of Scandinavia, and the landscapes of Vermont changing from season to season. When trying to create an order with such bold patterns, I choose simple graphic designs to allow my fabrics to speak clearly for themselves. They tell the story of my life.

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