Jean M. Sredl

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Shawano, WI
United States

Artist Statement
The tug of the needle, the hum of a sewing machine, the aroma of freshly dyed linen just out of the dryer, all combine to make fiber art my passion. I create unique materials by deconstructing, dying, spinning or repurposing. I listen to the fibers; sometimes loudly, often a small voice. Fiber to thread, to yarn, to cloth, and back. It’s the texture of life and the practice of my art.

Daily play with fiber and quiet time in my studio brings focus and solace; initial ideas percolate. Studio walls are festooned with yarns, fabrics, and silks. Photographs, emotions and simple observation begin artworks. I create elements often from scrap bins for assembly. On two large design walls, snippets constantly shift until the rhythm and balance gel. Construction is frequently by hand, slowly soothing the creative muse.

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